Oglala Lakota College
Wicah’pi Cikala

(Little Star)


Weekly Bulletin                                    October 11-14, 2016



President’s Office (Tom Shortbull) ___ All Staff Meeting on Friday, October 14,  2016 Committee meetings will commence at 10:00 a.m. and lunch will follow.  President’s Office:  (includes All District Employees and All that report to the President) Meat Dishes and Breads.  Instructional Division: (includes Faculty and Support Staff). Side Dishes/Salads/Desserts.  Business Office – Development Office – Bookstore and Library/Archives:  Side dishes and drinks  <><><>  BOT Meetings:  October 17 – Program Policy @ noon at PRCC and Finance @ 5:00pm at PW. October 18 – Personnel @ 5:00pm at PW.  October 19 – BOT @ 5:00pm at Piya Wiconi.


Education (Dr. Shannon Amiotte)___ The Rising Star Educator Program will be celebrating the success of OLC teacher candidates Bridget Dupris and Jerris Veaux-LeBeau of CRCC, Stormie Clifford-Risse and Sarah Clifford of LCCC, and Loreli Lawrence of HSCC and OLC education graduate, Darcie Desersa of PRCC (Wolf Creek School MS Teacher) . These aspiring educators joined others from across the nation from minority serving institutions to participate in a 5-day institute experience to train with NASA experts at Johnson Space Center. Their experience included pre- and post-institute instruction and follow-up activities.  The honoring event will be held at the Outdoor Campus West, in Rapid City on October 14 from 5-8 pm and October 15 from 8:30am-7:30 pm.  <><><>  Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching Challenge: Are you ready to Beat the Praxis PLT? If so, this 6-Week Challenge is for you. The challenge will guide you through a review of everything you need to know and do to conquer the Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam (Tests: 5621, 5622, 5623, 5624). The challenge starts October 22nd with a kick-off event at the Pejuta Haka College Center, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The challenge will conclude just in time for participants to take the Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School or High School PLT Exam during the December test window.   Elementary Education Content Knowledge Praxis Challenge: Are you ready to Beat the Praxis but missed the kick-off event over the weekend? If so, it's not too late to get started. Contact the Education Department to register and find out what you need to do to start the challenge. The Beat the Praxis 8-Week Challenge is starting now and will conclude the end of November so that you can test early in December. Email Alicia Janis at azephier@olc.edu. Note that you would like to join the Beat the Praxis 8-Week Challenge and include your name, mailing address and phone number. <><><>   Waonspekiya Waste 2020 Professional Development Project: The Waonspekiya Waste 2020 project is made possible through an Indian Professional Development discretionary/ competitive grant awarded to Oglala Lakota College on September 27, 2016 by the United States Department of Education Office of Indian Education. The Indian Professional Development program is designed to prepare and train Native Americans to serve as teachers and school administrators. Professional development grants are awarded to: increase the number of qualified individuals in professions that serve American Indians; provide training to qualified American Indians to become teachers, administrators, teacher aides, social workers, and ancillary education personnel; and improve the skills of those qualified American Indians who already serve in these capacities. Individuals trained under this program must perform work related to their training and that benefits Indian people or repay the assistance received. Waonspekiya Waste 2020 will assist 18 Native American teacher education candidates in attaining their bachelor’s degree in education, South Dakota state licensure and positions in schools with a high percentage of Indian students on or near the Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Indian Reservations and in Rapid City by June 30, 2020. Qualified participants will receive tuition assistance, a living stipend and induction support during their first year of teaching. Interested Native American teacher education candidates that have completed an associate of arts degree or 70 hours towards a teaching degree, have been accepted into the OLC teacher preparation program and have a 3.0 or higher GPA are eligible to apply. Application packets are available at the Education Department, in each of the OLC College Centers and have been sent to each of our area K-12 schools that will be serving as project partners.  Save the date! Orientation and application support seminars will be held on Friday, October 21, 2016 from 3:00 - 4:30 pm at Cheyenne River College Center, He Sapa College Center, LaCreek College Center, Pejuta Haka College Center and Pine Ridge College Center. It is strongly recommended that all interested education majors attend an orientation session to learn more about the project and receive assistance in completing the application process. Contact the Education Department at 455-6012 if you have immediate questions.


Math and Science Department (Karla Witt) ___ Misty Brave will be attending the honoring of the Rising Star students from OLC. For the past 10 years, Math and Science Department has had summer teacher programs through the STEEP and TCUP programs. Many partners have been created through these programs including, the South Dakota Science Discovery Center, Project Learning Tree, GLOBE, Rising Star and GEMS. It has been such an honor to see how the math and science summer programs have been such an influence in the positive development of OLC’s teachers. A great big wopila tanka goes out to the funder, the National Science Foundation, and to the participants that used what they learned.


PHCC (Steph Sorbel)___Activities Overview (2016-17).   October 11 Buffalo Ceremony.  Set up tipis, prepare inipi, wood cutting trip, dig buffalo pit, Buffalo Hunt Ceremony.  October 12 Buffalo Kill Day: Prayer Circle, hunt, skinning & gutting on site, return to tipi village, clean buffalo skull, butchering, clean & flesh hide, cleaning meat and tonega, package meat.  October 13 Prepare pit to cook, gather ash wood trip, burn wood in pit, cover & cook meat.  October 14 Community feed @ 5pm, Powwow @ 7pm.   Buffalo Kill & Buffalo Ceremony by Little Wound School and Lance Christensen at OLC.   <><><>   October 21 – Buckskin Doll Making workshop with Verola Spider.  October 28 – Beading Workshop with Steve Dubray.  November 18 Regalia Workshop with Lolita Attack Him.  December 2 – Indian Horse Race.  <><><>  We just want to let you know that the Garden Club is trying to  Raise money for much need supplies. So every month we will be raffling off a gift baske.t  It will be $1.00 a ticket or 6 for $5.00 so come help us out and try to win a great prize. You can buy your ticket here at PHCC or we will visit the Piya Wiconi campus soon. This month is the Halloween gift basket.


EPA/Student Affairs (Lance Christensen)___ News from Student Senate as reported by Tada Vargas.  We selected our new Student Senate officers at a recent meeting.  I am so thankful for a RE-ELECTED position as Student Senate President.  Other officers are Talea Merrival from Pine Ridge College Center as Vice President, Kiya Dull Knife from the Eagle Nest College Center @ Wanblee, and Linda Scabby Face as Secretary/Treasurer from the Oglala College Center.  I am very excited to see two Senators return from last year as well as new faces in our Student Senate family.  I also wanted to let you know that I am newly appointed American Indian Fund College Ambassador.  My goals this year is to boost donations for scholarships, recruit more Native students to enroll at a TCU, and assist more Native scholars in obtaining a AICF scholarship.  Lastly we have voted to have our homecoming week October 17 to 21 with a Halloween theme.  We will have more details on homecoming week next Friday.  Student Senate: Karl Eagle Bull PSCC, Garrett Little Bear WKCC, Arnell Brown Bull PHCC, Linda Scabby Face OCC, Tada Vargas HSCC, Talea Merrival PRCC, Eric In The Woods CRCC, Kiya Dull Knife ENCC.  Student PWO: Lisa Young Bear PSCC, Vanessa Piper WKCC, Lawrence Montoya PHCC, Chase Clifford OCC, Shawn Garnette HSCC, Donna Red Willow ENCC. 


Student Activities/Coach (Mary Tobacco)___College Visit:  October 19 @ 10:30 a.m.  High school seniors from Pine Ridge, Red Cloud, Oelrichs, Little Wound, Crazy horse have been invited to visit OLC. They will visit Math & Science, Vocational Education and the Historical Center.  Presentations will be made by the Registrar’s Office and the Financial Aid Office as well as Dr. Ade Oredein.  12:00 p.m. Lunch will be served.  10:00a.m.-2:00pm. Laser Tag for visiting seniors at the Multipurpose Building.  8:00p.m. – 11:00p.m. Laser Tag for OLC staff and students at the Multipurpose Building in conjunction with Homecoming activities.  <><><>  Please email your request to use the Multipurpose Facility to me if you would like to use it in the future.  Use is reserved for OLC staff and student activities.  I have protocol to follow before usage is approved, including availability and priority.  Some things to include in your request: Purpose of Use, # of People Expected, Date & Time of Use, Set-Up (tables, chairs, etc., etc.).  <><><>  The doors of the Multipurpose remain locked, especially when Lakota Woglake Wounspe is in session.  Looking forward to an awesome year! <><><>  Open gym time is 8pm-10pm (students will not be excused from class) per schedule. Please wear gym shoes on floor. Participate on your own.  Gas vouchers provided for practices only!  <><><>  Athletics Basketball Information.  1.  Must be full-time (12 credits or more), 2.00 GPA.  2. Sign-up at your local college center.  3.  Registrar will determine eligibility.  4.  Must provide an updated physical at orientation.  (Form: http://warehouse.olc.edu/local_links/athletics/docs/) 5. Must have a current OLC ID – ask your counselor for details.  6. Attend orientation & practice at Bravehearts Gym, Piya Wiconi.  7. Transportation information & schedule will follow.  Student Activities Director/WBB Coach, Telephone:  (605) 455-2985, Fax:  (605) 455-2987, Cell:  (605) 454-5632, Email:  mtobacco@olc.edu, Alt. Email:  marytobacco@gmail.com, www.olc.edu.  Hoka Hey Cantetinza!


Humanities/Soc Sciences (Kim Peterson)___Reported by Whitnee Thorp (faculty).  The Wounwapi  Literary Journal is here!  This journal was created by the Humanities and Social Sciences Department and printed with the help of the SD Humanities Council's grant.  It is a printed literary journal filled with creative writing and artwork from OLC's students and community members. It also has writing and artwork from outside contributors.  Our goal is to have all of the College Centers to have a copy and we are going to work on distributing to various high schools throughout the community. We are also excited to announce on October 21st  from 6-7 we will have a Reading and Launch for the journal at Woksape Tipi.  At this event there will be student readings from the journal, student artwork on display, FREE food, a raffle for a chance to win a FREE Amazon Fire Tablet, videos from contributors on Art as Social change and Native American playwrights, and we will be selling copies of Wounwapi Literary journal to fund the 2nd edition.  A copy of the poster is available to provide your students if you would like.  If you would please share with your students and if you can also come and support this - we would be very grateful!  Also, if you or someone you know would like to purchase a copy of Wounwapi Literary Journal, please contact us (they are $12).  <><><>  Udall Foundation announcement from Judith Graham:  If you are a junior or senior at OLC and you are interested in the Udall Foundation and its scholarship or internship programs for Native American students, please contact Judith at jgraham@olc.edu by November 5, 2016.


Lakota Studies (Karen Lone Hill)___To All elementary/Secondary Administrators and Lakota Language Teachers.  The Lakota Studies Department is sponsoring its 14th Annual Lakota Speech Contest on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 beginning at 8:30 am at Piya Wiconi.  All Pine Ridge reservation, Bennett County and Rapid City K-12 schools, currently enrolled full time college students, and community members are cordially invited to participate in this event.  Please check the OLC Lakota Studies Department website for more information.  Lakota Speech Contest Rules and information will be posted on the website www.olc.edu.  Lunch will be provided for all participants.  Please share this information with the appropriate staff members.  If you have questions contact Karen at 455-6100 or kloneh@olc.edu or Jenny at jjanis@olc.edu. 


Development (Marilyn Pourier)___Historical Center.  Please consider bringing your class to visit the Historical Center.  In the Center you will see historical photographs and artwork displays that chronicle the history of the Oglala Lakota from the early 1800s to the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890.  An audiotape of this history provides greater meaning to the displays that you will see. The 20 min. presentation is followed with a 5 minute video featuring President Thomas Shortbull who gives the history of Indian education, the tribal colleges and Oglala Lakota College. <><><> Contact Wanda Reddy 455-6042, Cathy Ferguson 455-6041 or myself 455-6045 for an appointment from 8:30-4:30pm.   If you would like to schedule an evening class contact me (Marilyn Pourier) and I will make arrangements. 


2016 Calendar:  November/December

Registration Begins/Spring Semester                          November 7

Veteran’s Day Holiday (Offc Closed Classes Meet) November 11

Thanksgiving Holiday (Office Closed)                      November 24-25

Classes End                                                                 December 2

Make-Up Period                                                         December 5-7

Final Grades & Assessment Materials Due                December 7

Assessment Days                                                        December 8-9 

Dept. Chairs/Faculty Christmas Holiday                    December 12-January 3

Support Staff Christmas Vacation                              December 23-26         


KOLCTV (Tony Brave)___ This week’s schedule from Shields King.
- AM - Dakota Access Pipeline Rally Coverage.

9:42 - AM - Public Forum On The Upcoming OST Election.

12:08 - PM - High School football Homecoming. Little Wound Mustangs vs Bennet County Warriors.

1:25 - PM - Buffalo Bone Knife & Parfleche Case Making Workshop

4:13 - PM - Dakota Access Pipeline Rally coverage.

6:54 - PM - Public Forum On The Upcoming OST Election.

9:20 - PM - High School football Homecoming. Little Wound Mustangs vs Bennet County Warriors.

10:37 - PM - Buffalo Bone Knife & Parfleche Case Making Workshop.



Porcupine Pumpkin Festival.  Sunday, October 16, 2016, 1:00p.m.-4:00p.m.  Mousseau Lane, Porcupine, SD.  Come and enjoy a day of fun with your family at the 2nd Annual Porcupine Pumpkin Festival on Mousseau Lane (approximately one mile south of Evergreen on the East side of the road).  Concessions will be sold by the OLL 5th grade as a fundraiser for their end of the year trip.  Activities include:  Pumpkin Patch Picking, Face Painting, Hay Rides, Pumpkin Decorating, Archery, Cake Walk, A Variety of Games, Costume Contest and More! $10 vendor spaces.  Call to reserve a spot to promote your product.  Activities sponsored by local volunteers and organizations.  For more info contact: Alicia Mousseau at 605-484-3625 or aicia.mousseau@gmail.com.  No responsible for any accidents or thefts.  Please make sure your children have adult supervision at all times.


Announcing the 2016 Bell Prize for young essayists : Honoring the spirit of our founder, Tom Bell, we want to hear from aspiring writers and essayists, ages 18 to 25, on conservation topics frequently covered by High Country News. At a time when there was little coverage of environmental issues in the American West, Bell founded HCN in 1970, and was a strong voice for conservation. He wrote about many topics, and these remain his legacy: he demanded better management of public lands, helped persuade the Wyoming Legislature to pass laws for conservation goals, including strip-mine reclamation, and pressured Game and Fish to be more scientific. We’re looking for writers who will continue that legacy well into the future. Essays should be no longer than 800 words. Consider the conservation topics you're familiar with and why they're important to you: water, energy & industry, wildlife, public lands, climate, communities, sustainability, justice, politics -- you decide. The winning essayist will:  be awarded the Bell Prize, receive $1,000 in cash and  be published in the Nov. 14, 2016 Books and Authors issue and online. Runner-up will receive $400 in outdoor gear from Mountainsmith and will also be featured online. Please send one submission, and one only, to student.essay@hcn.org, by Oct. 14, 2016. Think hard, write well and good luck. Thank you to our generous sponsor: High Country News | PO Box 1090 | Paonia, CO 81428.


37th Annual College Photo Contest:  Over $ 5,500 in Grants and Equipment awarded! The top 8 winning photos will be published in the May 2017 issue of Photographer’s Forum magazine.  All contest Finalists will be published in the hardcover book Best of College & High School Photography 2017.  Grand Prize: Best Black & White or Color: $ 2,000 grant from Photographer’s Forum plus Pentax K-3 II camera system, Second Place: $ 1,000 cash grant, Third Place: $ 500 cash grant, 5 Fourth Place Prizes: Five $ 150 grants. Plus one hundred Honorable Mentions will receive a gold-embossed certificate of outstanding merit, and will be listed in the May 2017 issue of Photographer’s Forum magazine. Enter on line at www.pfmagazine.com , www.richimaging.com or by mail.  EARLY DEADLINE Postmarked or uploaded on or before October 17, 2016. Entry fee is $ 4.95 per photograph entered.  FINAL DEADLINE Postmarked or uploaded on or before December 5, 2016. Final fee is $ 5.95 per photograph entered. Enter by Mail: Enter black & white or color prints or slides.  Prints must be unmounted and 9X12 or smaller.  Labels every photo with your name and address and indicated which edge is the top.  Make checks payable to Photographer’s Forum.  All mailed-in entries must include payment, entry form and photographs.  If sending prints or slides, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of work.  Work will be returned in April 2017.  Photo rights remain with photographer at all times.  Subject matter is open.  No limit to quantity of entries.  Finalists notified by January 27, 2017.  Winners notified by February 10, 2017.