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[docx] Writing a Cause and Effect Essay.docx3914.5 KB2013-Mar-28 
[docx] Working with Transition Words.docx2817.8 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] What is Plagiarism.docx2613.7 KB2013-Jan-20 
[pdf] Weekly Schedule.pdf38493.7 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Understanding what prepositional phrases do in a sentence.docx3916.3 KB2013-Feb-09 
[docx] TRANSITION WORDS to use to start paragraphs..docx3012.0 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Tips for telling Adjectives and Adverbs Apart.docx3114.7 KB2013-Feb-09 
[docx] The Hazards of Moviegoing-example essay 5 paragraph essay.docx4113.2 KB2013-Jan-31 
[docx] Subject Verb Agreement Practice Exercises.docx3213.8 KB2013-Feb-09 
[docx] Student Rubric for Evaluating Essay Writing.docx3518.6 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Student Plot Chart.docx3211.5 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Student Brain storming Sheet.docx3510.1 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Seven Simple Tips for Writing Great Dialogue.docx2518.1 KB2013-Feb-28 
[pdf] sentences_run_ons_and_fragments.pdf14916.0 KB2013-Mar-28 
[docx] Sentence Fragment1.docx3713.8 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Practicing Picking out Verbs in Sentences.docx3012.2 KB2013-Jan-31 
[pdf] Practice with 8 comma Rules - answers.pdf49191.1 KB2013-Mar-28 
[docx] Practice Sheet-Picking out Prepositional Phrases.docx3213.4 KB2013-Jan-31 
[docx] Practice Sheet-Making sentences more Interesting.docx2911.4 KB2013-Jan-31 
[docx] Practice Sheet-Finding Adverbs.docx2912.9 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Practice Sheet-Finding Adjectives.docx2612.3 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Practice Sheet-Correcting Sentence Fragments.docx3911.9 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Practice Sheet-Adding adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases to sentences.docx3714.7 KB2013-Feb-09 
[doc] Pejuta Haka-Engl 103 Freshman English Course Syllabus.doc42167.0 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Narrative Writing.docx3614.3 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Narrative Essay Examples.docx3417.7 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Making Subjects and Verbs Agree.docx2814.2 KB2013-Feb-09 
[docx] Lesson Plan Class 8 Freshman English I.docx3315.2 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Lesson Plan Class 7 Freshman English I.docx3315.2 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Lesson Plan Class 6 Freshman English I.docx3014.6 KB2013-Feb-28 
[docx] Lesson Plan Class 5 Freshman English I.docx3714.7 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Lesson Plan Class 4 Freshman English I.docx3815.3 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Lesson Plan Class 3 Freshman English I.docx3618.9 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Lesson Plan Class 2 Freshman English I.docx4121.1 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Lesson Plan Class 1 Freshman English I.docx5622.5 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Identifying Prepositions and Preposititional Phrases.docx4559.5 KB2013-Jan-31 
[docx] How to Write a Character Sketch.docx3613.2 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Guide to Gathering Facts for your Autobiography.docx2714.6 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Grammar Pretest.docx3719.2 KB2013-Jan-31 
[docx] Good Advice about Writing a Cause and Effect Essay.docx4612.2 KB2013-Mar-28 
[docx] Five Paragraph Narrative Essay Example#2.docx2513.2 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Five Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer.docx3914.0 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Finding Subjects in Simple Sentences.docx3012.1 KB2013-Jan-31 
[docx] Example Title Page for Freshman English I.docx4311.4 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Examples of Cause and Effect Essays.docx5013.6 KB2013-Mar-28 
[docx] Examples of Autobiographies.docx4813.9 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Example of Longer Narrative Essay.docx3615.3 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Example Journal Page.docx2913.4 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Example#2-longer Narrative Essay (Take me to Casablanca).docx1915.2 KB2013-Mar-14 
[pdf] easter-island-commas-worksheet.pdf3312.3 KB2013-Feb-21 
[jpg] Crossing out Prepositional Phrases.jpg70419.0 KB2013-Jan-31 
[docx] Common Proofreading Symbols.docx4429.0 KB2013-Feb-21 
[pdf] Commas Practice Quiz.pdf78581.6 KB2013-Mar-28 
[rtf] comma-uses-handout.rtf4039.7 KB2013-Feb-21 
[pdf] comma-uses-handout.pdf4212.7 KB2013-Feb-21 
[pdf] Characterization Graphic Organizer.pdf3546.9 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] CAPITALIZATION RULES.docx42358.3 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Capitalization Exercises.docx3214.7 KB2013-Mar-14 
[pdf] capitalization-practice sheet2.pdf4219.1 KB2013-Mar-28 
[docx] Avoiding Comma Splices and Fused Sentences.docx3285.6 KB2013-Mar-14 
[docx] Additional work with Sentence Fragments.docx3112.3 KB2013-Mar-14 
[pdf] 8 Comma Rules.pdf61192.5 KB2013-Mar-28 
[docx] 5 Paragraph Descriptive Essay.docx4213.4 KB2013-Feb-09 
[docx] 't Begin at the Beginning-Creating Engaging Introductions.docx3422.3 KB2013-Mar-14 
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