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[docx] 1st Class Lit 203 Jan23 Lesson plans.docx3921.7 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] 2nd Class Lit 203 Jan30 Lesson Plans.docx3617.3 KB2013-Feb-04 
[docx] 3rd Class Lit 203 Feb. 6th Lesson Plan.docx3815.4 KB2013-Feb-09 
[docx] 4th Class Lit 203 Feb. 13th Lesson Plan.docx4226.7 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] 5th Class Lit 203 Feb. 20th Lesson Plan.docx3914.5 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] A Rose for Emily.docx4324.1 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] An Example Journal Page for Introduction to Literature.docx3114.1 KB2013-Jan-20 
[doc] Character Sketch-Two Short Examples.doc4834.5 KB2013-Feb-04 
[pdf] Characterization Graphic Organizer.pdf4846.9 KB2013-Feb-04 
[pdf] DeLoria_-_Indian_humor.pdf7097.4 KB2013-Feb-09 
[docx] F2012Lit203MasterSyllabusTemplate.docx3880.1 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Five Categories of Conflict in Stories.docx5315.2 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Five Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer.docx4614.1 KB2013-Feb-04 
[docx] How to Critique Fiction.docx3322.3 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] List of Definitions for Hard Words in A Rose for Emily.docx4623.2 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Practice Sheet-Determining the Theme in a Work of Fiction.docx3517.1 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] SHORT STORY ELEMENTS.docx3720.0 KB2013-Feb-04 
[docx] Special Words_Class 1.docx3813.6 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Student Brain storming Sheet for 5 paragraph response paper.docx4410.2 KB2013-Feb-04 
[docx] Student Plot Chart.docx4111.5 KB2013-Feb-04 
[docx] Student Rubric for Evaluating Essay Writing.docx3618.6 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] The Dandi March.docx3829.2 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] The Importance of Setting in a Short Story.docx5112.3 KB2013-Feb-09 
[docx] The Value of Literary Study.docx3613.1 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Theme.docx3911.1 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Vine Deloria.docx3739.9 KB2013-Feb-09 
[pdf] Weekly Schedule.pdf39493.7 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] What are the 5 types of conflicts in literature.docx9018.5 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] You Must Understand How These Four Words are Different.docx3314.5 KB2013-Jan-20 
[pdf] library first page application fall09 (2).pdf4511.6 KB2013-Jan-20 
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