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[docx] 10 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence.docx10914.7 KB2013-Feb-28 
[docx] ASSIGNMENT 3 minute Narrative Speech.docx13819.9 KB2013-Feb-04 
[docx] Actors' Guild.docx14512.0 KB2013-Feb-21 
[pdf] Bingo.pdf119416.9 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Diction Exercises.docx13817.3 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Fake It 'til You Make It.docx13815.5 KB2013-Feb-28 
[docx] Freedom of speech in the United States.docx14319.8 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] How to Introduce a Classmate in Speech Class.docx117420.4 KB2014-Jan-21 
[docx] How to Write a Demonstration Speech Outline.docx16516.3 KB2013-Feb-28 
[docx] Lesson Plan 1.docx13915.0 KB2014-Jan-21 
[docx] Lesson Plan 2.docx13214.1 KB2014-Jan-21 
[docx] My Hopes for this class.docx13011.8 KB2014-Jan-21 
[docx] Nonverbal Communication-Part Three.docx17429.2 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] Nonverbal communication-Part One.docx15017.3 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] Rules for the Game of Charades.docx14015.1 KB2013-Feb-04 
[docx] Sp2014SpCm103CourseSyllabus-Eagle Nest College Center.docx10634.4 KB2014-Jan-21 
[docx] Sp2014SpCm103CourseSyllabus-Pine Ridge College Center.docx11434.2 KB2014-Jan-21 
[docx] Sp2014SpCm103CourseSyllabus-White Clay College Center.docx12534.4 KB2014-Jan-21 
[docx] Speech of the week Form.docx13012.8 KB2014-Jan-21 
[docx] Student Approval of Video.docx9810.7 KB2014-Jan-21 
[jpg] Student Critique.jpg176463.0 KB2013-Feb-21 
[docx] The Interview- Gathering Facts for Introducing your Classmate.docx10812.2 KB2014-Jan-21 
[docx] Title Page for Speech Communications 103.docx11310.3 KB2013-Jan-20 
[pdf] Weekly Schedule.pdf138493.7 KB2013-Jan-20 
[docx] What makes an Interview-Introduction Interesting.docx13214.1 KB2014-Jan-21 
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