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Academic Calendar

Here is the Calendar of events for OLC.

  • September 5th 2016
    • Labor Day (Offices Closed, Classes Meet
    - September 9th
    • 8:30pm: Last Week to Drop 100%
  • September 9th 2016
    • 10:30am: All Staff
  • October 7th 2016
    • 8:30am: BOT Retreat
  • October 8th 2016
    • 8:30am: BOT Retreat
  • October 10th 2016
    • 8:30am: Native American Day - classes held
  • November 7th 2016
    • 8:30am: Spring 2017 Registration Begins
  • November 11th 2016
    • 8:30am: Veteran's Day
  • November 24th 2016
    • 8:30am: Thanksgiving Holiday
  • November 25th 2016
    • 8:30am: Thanksgiving Holiday

PELL Refunds


Pell refunds will be posted to your Jenzabar account on the eighth week of classes if your file is complete in the financial aid office. Checks will be disbursed that Friday if you have good attendance.

Nothing will be automatically deducted from PELL refunds for old receivables.

If a student would like to pay an old receivable from previous semesters from their current PELL refund, the student will need to put the request in writing and address it to the Student Accounts Office. The maximum amount you can have applied toward an old receivable from your current PELL, grant is $200.