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[doc] Engl 233 The Joy of Writing.doc22201.5 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 283 Advanced Composition I.doc18216.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 303 Grammar and Linguistics.doc17220.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 333 Power of Story.doc26208.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 343 Writing in the Professions II.doc21203.5 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 413 News Writing.doc21225.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 423 Advanced Creative Writing.doc22198.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 453 Writing Family and Community History.doc19209.5 KB2011-Aug-24 
[docx] Engl 483 Advanced Composition II.docx2073.1 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 493 Scholarly Project Syllabus.doc19197.5 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 143 Writing in the Professions I.doc20203.5 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] Engl 323 Creative Writing.doc21174.0 KB2012-Aug-22 
[rtf] Engl 103 master syllabus lg-1.rtf2374.1 KB2013-Sep-15 
[doc] Engl 113 Syllabus Rev Fall 2013 Master 2.doc25158.5 KB2013-Sep-15 
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