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[pdf] unoffical_election_results_for_2012.pdf850181.2 KB2012-Nov-08 
[pdf] Strategic Plan -2015-2016 Final A Goal Revisions january 14 2015.pdf248297.1 KB2015-Feb-06 
[pdf] SP2013_reg_poster.pdf752616.1 KB2012-Oct-25 
[pdf] okkcc.pdf51941.9 KB2014-Aug-21 
[eps] NEW LOGO.eps3879.3 MB2015-May-07 
[pdf] monitoring_report_to_the_hlc_may_2007.PDF9056.7 MB2011-Nov-22 
[xlsx] JAM_2016_Schedule.xlsx80610.7 MB2016-May-19 
[] webgallery_view531[Link]N/A 
[pdf] error.pdf979120.3 KB2014-Mar-24 
[pdf] AIHEC 2011 Knowlege Bowl flyer.pdf708208.9 KB2011-Nov-28 
[docx] Academy Report July 2013.docx633380.1 KB2014-Sep-09 
[dir] webgallery [0 Files] 0.0  B2014-Jan-03 
[dir] Syllabus [0 Files] 0.0  B2015-Feb-05 
[dir] IT 423 [8 Files] 11.4 MB2012-May-11 
[dir] IT 363 [2 Files] 47.3 KB2012-Mar-29 
[dir] Database_Information [0 Files] 0.0  B2014-Mar-04 
[dir] college_centers [53 Files] 12.3 MB2015-Jan-29 
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