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About OLC

Oglala Lakota College’s vision is to rebuild the Lakota Nation through Education, which they will accomplish through their mission as outlined on the OLC website.

Our Vision:

Rebuilding the Lakota Nation Through Education

This vision statement has highly influenced the growth and purpose of Oglala Lakota College throughout the years. We believe that through education, we will be able to provide resources to rebuild the Lakota nation and increase the amount and quality of resources available to the people of the Lakota reservations.

Mission Statement:

The mission which emanates from the charter of the Oglala Sioux Tribe is to educate students for professional and vocational employment opportunities in Lakota country. The College will graduate well-rounded students grounded in Wolakolkiclyapi, learning Lakota ways of life in the community, by teaching Lakota culture and language as part of preparing students to participate in a multicultural world.

In achieving the Mission, OLC has the following purposes:

man performing a Native American dance


  • Provides the Lakota with outstanding graduates.
  • Promotes the study and practice of tribal sovereignty.
  • Works with tribal entities toward building our nation.
  • Helps students to gain meaningful employment and live healthy lifestyles.
Group of people walking into graduation ceremony


  • Utilizes Lakota cultural values in all learning frameworks.
  • Celebrates Lakota culture including sacred songs and ceremonies.
  • Research, study, facilitate, and disseminate Lakota language, culture and philosophy.
  • Provides leadership to maintain and revitalize Lakota culture and philosophy
OLC faculty member helping a student on their laptop


  • Encourages high student learning expectations through active and collaborative learning, which will be measured through assessment standards.
  • Maintains a supportive campus environment through advising, counseling, tutoring, scheduling, and providing financial assistance.
  • Practices open enrollment and students will acquire relevant knowledge, skills, and values to make a living in a diverse world, and to be a self-fulfilled person who is a contributing member of their family, community and tribe.
  • Pursues the creation of Oglala Lakota University
Group of Oglala Lakota College students talking on campus.


  • Supports local communities in educational and other development.
  • Engages people as active, productive members of their tiospaye and communities
  • Offers frameworks for leadership development in the context of communities and organizations
  • Provides lifelong learning through continuing education and community activities