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Welcome to OLCs Paid Internship Program with Ascendium

Oglala Lakota College students can apply and participate in OLC’s Paid Internship Program provided that they meet the criteria and that funds are available to support the duration of the internship. Internship wages are currently set at $14.45 per hour and students will be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. Each academic program has existing program requirements and processes that a student must follow. Each student will be required to follow the department processes for admission, progress, and the requirements for successful completion. OLC will follow the criteria listed below in addition to the department process for students funded by project success.

    1. Students must be degree-seeking.
    2. Students must meet OLC’s satisfactory academic requirements of a 2.0 GPA.
    3. The student must be enrolled in the semester the paid internship is awarded.
    4. The student must be a Junior or Senior.
    5. The student must complete OLC’s Paid Internship application package. The application process will consist of:
      1. Application Enrollment
      2. Unofficial transcript
      3. Tribal Enrollment
      4. Form with the approval of Cooperating Employer Supervisor (CES) Site and placement, approved by the Department Chair.
      5. Semester calendar and schedule of placement dates and times, approved by CES, Department Chair, and Student.
      6. Resume
      7. Complete pre and post survey

OLC Paid Internship Program APPLICATION

Student Direct Deposit Form