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OLC offers student transportation options for those who must commute from their home center to another for classes.

At Oglala Lakota College, we recognize that each student faces different circumstances to complete their degree. As such, we have created transportation programs to assist students who are taking a class at a center that is not their home center.

For Students Commuting
With a Personal Vehicle

If you have your own personal vehicle, you may qualify for the Gas Voucher system to get financial assistance with your gas to and from your classes.

For Students Without a Personal Vehicle

If you do not have your own personal vehicle, you may be able to use the Van Transportation system to get from your home center to the center you are taking classes at.

To use either system, you must submit the appropriate form to your respective home center by the first day of classes. Centers traditionally take two business days to process all applications. Both Transportation systems come with their own rules for eligibility that you can review in the below policies or discuss with your center.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Stephanie Hunter-Sorbel at Email

or reach out to your home center.

Transportation Application & Resources

Please utilize the resources provided below to apply for/learn more about opportunities pertaining to OLC’s Transportation system. Note: Applications may be submitted digitally utilizing our online form, or via a hard copy submitted to your home center.

Van Transportation Schedule

(Pine Ridge, Porcupine, Kyle)

The vans are not running since Oglala Lakota College is currently remote only because of COVID concerns.