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Enrollment Management

The Enrollment management department works to increase recruitment, retention, and graduation rates at Oglala Lakota College to rebuild the Lakota nation through education.


Director of Enrollment



Leslie Heathershaw-Toczek

Retention Advisor




Oglala Lakota College Enrollment Management strives to provide quality opportunities and support services to rebuild the Lakota Nation through education.


Oglala Lakota College Enrollment Management embraces Wolakolkiciyapi to increase recruitment, retention, persistence, and completion. Oglala Lakota College accomplishes this task through the implementation of a comprehensive Enrollment Management Plan through collaboration and unity.

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Oglala Lakota College defines enrollment management as a strategic and comprehensive approach that encompasses Oglala Lakota College’s unique vision, mission, and Institutional Effectiveness Plans of academic and non-academic units, to ensure that data is used to obtain desired recruitment, retention, persistence, and graduation rates of students.

The purpose of the Enrollment Management Office  is to provide an empirically designed comprehensive and systematic enrollment management plan to attract, recruit, and retain students. The department will connect academic and non-academic units together and connect the units with the Mission of the college. The plan will help create a sustained retention system that allows the units to track student success, persistence and retention. The data collected will help to determine if the institutional strategies have been successful, as well as identify any areas in need of improvement. In addition the results will help administration  allocate resources to critical areas within the institution to support the student learning environment.

Staff and Faculty/Adjunct Hotspot Program

The staff and faculty/adjunct hotspot program is a service intended to provide staff and instructors with WIFI services who are teaching distance learning courses;
who don't have an internet service provider in their area of residency and/or have internet services in their home; and for staff who need WIFI services to work from home in extenuating circumstances.

All staff, faculty and adjuncts must apply. Once you're approved you will be contacted by the Enrollment Management Department.

Faculty and Adjunct Hotspot Program

Staff Hotspot Program