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Student Organizations

Unforgettable friends, fun, and student activities await you at OLC. Learn more about student organizations and activities today!

Once a Braveheart, always a Braveheart.

A lifetime of learning, friendship, and excitement awaits you when you get involved during your time at
Oglala Lakota College!

Make unforgettable friends and memories at OLC

With nine district college centers, an extension in Rapid City, a college center in Eagle Butte, SD on the Cheyenne River Reservation, as well as nursing and masters programs, OLC is proud to celebrate the spread of unique skills, talent, and personalities that exist across Braveheart territory. To be sure the wants and needs of the student body are collectively met, OLC offers students the opportunity to get involved at their respective college center or in their degree program as members of the student organization.

By getting involved in the student organization at your respective college center, you’ll have the opportunity to shape the student experience by engaging the interests of your fellow students through fun student activity programming. Whether it’s organizing a fundraiser or a social event, you’re sure to leave OLC with an infinite list of memories when you get involved..

Representing the overall interests of OLC students, each college center, as well as the nursing and masters programs, have their own unique student organizations that are made up of enrolled students in each degree program who come together to make all the magic happen. 

With opportunities to serve in a leadership role as a member of your student organization, you’ll shape the future of OLC, its student activities, policies and more! What’s more, your ability to represent the student body can go even further through involvement in the Oglala Lakota College Student Senate.

Serving as the liaison of student interests to college administration/faculty,  OLC Student Senate works with the college to improve campus life across all reaches of Braveheart territory. Student representatives from each organization also serve on the Piya Wiconi Okalakiciye, a campus organization created to provide a forum for addressing college-wide concerns, making policy and procedural recommendations to the president of the college and, through the president, to the Oglala Lakota College Board of Trustees.

Not sure who your center’s student organization members are? Check out our listing below or reach out to your counselor!

Student Organization Bylaws

Student Organization Minutes

Cheyenne River Student Organization

President: Florentine Black Spotted Horse
Vice: Vacent
Secretary: Mary Curley
Student Rep: Leslie Oakie
Treasurer: Tahnee Thompson
Student Senate: Summer Afraid of Hawk
Advisor: Michelle West CRCC Counselor

Center Calendar

Eagle Nest Student Organization

President: Samone Last Horse
Vice: Malinda Amiotte
Secretary: Kyah Dull Knife
Student Senate: Marlene Dull Knife
PWO: Shia Dull Knife
Sergeant at Arms: Leonard Yellow Elk

Center Calendar

East Wakpamni Student Organization

President: Christina Plenty Wounds
Vice: Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer: Vacant

Center Calendar

He Sapa Student Organization

President: Jacinda Traversie
Vice: Jeremiah Briggs
PWO: Jordan King
Secretary/Treasurer: Jordan Thompson
Student Senate: Vacant

Center Calendar

LaCreek Student Organization

Student Representative: Lisa Martin
President: Alora Red Shirt
Secretary: Berth Conquering Bear

Center Calendar

Pahin Sinte Student Organization

President: Treylon Under Baggage
Vice President: Danielle White Face
Secretary/Treasurer: Aurora White Thunder
Student Representative: Gary D. Pourier
Student Senator: Charles Bush
Sergeant at Arms: Jesse Dupris

Center Calendar

Pass Creek Student Organization

President: Christina Plenty Wounds
Student Senate: Alyssa Brave Bird
Montesia Iron Heart - Active member currently - will become an officer in the Spring semester.

Center Calendar

Pejuta Haka Student Organization

Vice President: Misty Hernandez
Secretary: Amanda Poor Bear
Treasurer: Maxine Morrison
Sgt. at Arms: Emilio Cespedes
Student Representative: Vienna Kills Warrior
Student Senate: Lavanna Under Baggage

Center Calendar

Pine Ridge Student Organization

President: Brian Sherman
Vice-President: Tammy
Secretary: Vacant
Sgt of Arms: Vacant
Treasurer: Vacant
Student Senate: Kimberly Randall
PWO: Vacant

Center Calendar

Oglala Student Organization

President: Mato Hinton
Vice President: Rushell Fast Wolf
Secretary: Jeila Schuh
Student Senate: Veronica Fast Wolf
PWO: Vacant

Center Calendar

Wounded Knee Student Organization

President: Staci Little Dog
Vice: Michael DeLeon
Sec/Treas.: Frankie Villarreal
Senate/rep.: Alanaha Weston

Center Calendar