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VP for Instruction

The VP for Instruction along with the office of Academic Affairs practices and oversees open enrollment at Oglala Lakota college to promote student success in academics through graduation.

Academic Mission and Purpose

  • Encourages high student learning expectations through active and collaborative learning frameworks, student-faculty interaction, enriching educational experiences, research and a supportive campus environment.
  • Practices open enrollment and support student success towards graduation.
  • Provides knowledge, skills, and values for self-fulfillment, civic involvement, and making a living in a diverse world.
  • Works with other institutions and agencies to further College interests.

Instructional Division

Karla Witt Vice President for Instruction 1-605-455-6035 Email
Jonnie Clifford Administrative Assistant to V.P. 1-605-455-6047 Email
Jonathan Derby
Administrative Assistant 1-605-455-6040