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Financial Aid Appeal

Oglala Lakota College's financial aid appeal form.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Before a student considers filing a Financial Aid Appeal, the student should reference the list below to assure that their circumstance they believe would qualify as a valid reason for requesting an appeal, falls within the Department of Education’s guidelines, as an extenuating circumstance that would qualify them for a Financial Aid Appeal. Students are only eligible to file three (3) appeals, during their academic career with Oglala Lakota College. Appeals that are denied will be counted towards their three (3) appeals.

Does the student’s reason(s) for an appeal, during the respective semester they will be appealing, demonstrate extenuating circumstances as defined by the Department of Education?

  1. Personal illness or injury
  2. Death of an immediate family member; father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter
  3. Casualty losses due to weather; fire, flood, tornado, or other acts of God

Additionally, the students academic record prior to the semester or year they are appealing will also be taken into consideration in review of their appeal by the Appeals Committee.

The Financial Aid Appeal process, per Department of Education, is not intended to be used for common occurrences such as; work/school conflict, lack of adequate daycare, no transportation, and other common life commitments and responsibilities. It is expected that individuals who have chosen to attend college are able to manage their studies in addition to other commitments and personal life responsibilities.

If the Student decides that they meet the above-mentioned criteria in which they may potentially qualify for a Financial Aid Appeal, they should work with their assigned Counselor at their respective center to complete the following steps:

  1. Print and Complete the “Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal” form with your assigned Counselor.
  2. Complete a “Academic Plan” with your assigned Counselor.
  3. Write a statement indicating the Semester in which you will be appealing and the reason you did not successfully complete that semester. Remember to sign and date your statement.
  4. Attach supporting documentation to support your written statement, such as; Physicians Statement or copy of medical record, obituary, etc. Supporting documents that will speak to the validity of your reason given in your statement.

Once everything is completed, your assigned Counselor will submit your completed Appeal Request to the Financial Aid Office at the link below and receive a receipt of the submission upon completion.

Financial Aid Suspension Appeal

Submission of your Appeal does not Guarantee that your Appeal request will be approved. A decision will be made to either “Approve” or “Deny” your request, after review of your completed appeal by the Appeals Committee.

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Financial Aid Appeal Form