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Financial Aid Appeal

Oglala Lakota College's financial aid appeal form.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appreal

It is the student’s responsibility to build the case for the Committee to review. The strength of your appeal will be determined by several factors: your academic record prior to the semester or year in question, the potential to overcome the extenuating circumstances or situation, the viability of your plan for achieving good standing. Generally, first‐time petitioners and those who can demonstrate that their unacceptable academic performance was due to circumstances beyond the student’s control, such as medical conditions, long‐term illness, death of an immediate family member, etc. will be considered. The appeal process is not intended to be used for common occurrences (i.e., work, transportation, family responsibilities, etc.). It is expected that individuals who have chosen to attend college be able to manage their studies in addition to other commitments and responsibilities.

As established by the U.S. Department of Education, your appeal must address at least one of the following issues which occurred during the academic year in which you lost eligibility:

  1. personal illness or injury (must provide a written statement from your physician);
  2. the death of an immediate family member, father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter (provide documents such as obituary); or
  3. extenuating circumstances that were clearly beyond your control (casualty losses due to weather, fire, or acts of God);

**Lifetime Eligibility Used is determined by the US Department of Education; Oglala Lakota College cannot award Financial Aid once a student reaches 600%.


Please make sure your appeal request is complete with the following prior to submitting your request:

  • Appeal Form
  • Statement For Semester you are Appealing
  • Supporting Documentation for Reason Listed in Statement
  • Academic Plan (To be completed with your respective Counselor)
    •  Provide an academic plan that demonstrates the students map towards graduation. This plan must include the coursework required for you to complete your degree and your expected date of graduation. You will be informed in writing of its decision.

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Financial Aid Appeal Form

Completion Rate Plan