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Humanities/Social Sciences

Oglala Lakota College's Humanities and Social Science department consists of Communications, Social Sciences and Graphic Design, to produce impactful Lakota leaders.

The Humanities and Social Sciences department strives to equip students with verbal, written and visual communication skills, the background for competent and ethical government administration, the ability to think critically, and a general knowledge of humanities and social science content areas. It offers a career-focused liberal arts education with courses in graphic design, communications, government administration and social science.

A.A. Graphic Art

Graphic Art Program graduates will be able to compete successfully in all aspects of the print industry as graphic designers. Students will gain the skills they need to promote and market artwork, including internet marketing that will allow you the flexibility to be able to work anywhere. You'll learn skills applicable to your programs such as being able to communicate through using graphic design techniques to compete on a professional level, qualify to work in electronic media, and professionally market your artwork on an international level using social media and the internet.

B.A. Leadership & Communications

The Leadership and Communication degree aims to train students to be able to practice culturally competent leadership in decision making, organizational development, and human and natural resource management, lead non-profit organizations, lead tribal or other governmental programs, and have the ability to gain admission to graduate or law schools.

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Communications

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Communication
Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four Year Five
Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
Engl 103 Engl 113 LSoc 103 LPol 303 LPol 313 Engl 313 Engl 333 LdCm 423 Engl 433 LdCm
Math 103 SoSc 103 Engl 213 Hum 203 Psy 223 SoSc 313 SoSc 363 Pols 433 SoSc 463 LdCm 483
Lak 103 Lak 223 Pols 203 Lit 203 LdCm 233 LLAW 343 HISA 373 LdCm Elec LdCm Elec Free
SpCm 103 MIS 113 Psy 103 Sci Elec SpCm 223 SpCm 333 Bad 373 Free Free Free
Download BA in Leadership and Communication Plan of Study

Associate of Arts in Graphic Arts

Associate of Arts in Graphic Arts
Year One Year Two Year Three
Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
Engl 103 Engl 113 SoSc Elec LSoc 103 Hum Elec
Matd 103 SpCm 103 Sci Elec Art 233
Painting I
Bad 133
Lak 103 Art 183
Color tdeory
LArt 103 or
LArt 213
GArt 223
Graphic Design I
GArt 233
Graphic Design II

Art 103
Drawing I
GArt 123
Art 203
Drawing II
Art 283
Web Design
GArt 323
Graduate Project

GArt 133

Download AA in Graphic Arts Plan of Study


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