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Billing & Payments

Oglala Lakota college’s business office helps students understand how to pay their tuition and financial aid opportunities that may be available to them.

Student Accounts

Students who have any questions regarding tuition, tuition assistance options, or anything else related to their bill at Oglala Lakota College should contact the student account office. 

Our team will work with you to decipher your financial aid rewards, go over your bill, and over resources that may be available to you to help pay for your tuition. 

Below is a description of common questions or concerns the business office deals with. Please read through the information below and contact the business office with any additional questions you may have.


Students who have completed the financial aid process, have been determined eligible, and have enough financial aid may be allowed to charge their books. All others must pay for their books and supplies when they receive them. All previous accounts must be settled prior to the purchase of books for the current semester.

Books will be available at the district centers only on assigned days during the one week before classes begin and/or the first week of class. Students who do not get their books during this time period will have to pick up their books at the OLC Bookstore.

Students should call the bookstore with questions regarding returns and exchanges.


Undergraduate tuition at Oglala Lakota College is $84.00 per credit hour for students whose attendance is "per-pupil funding".

Undergraduate tuition at Oglala Lakota College for any student whose attendance does not result in "per-pupil funding" is $103.00 per credit hour.

Graduate tuition at Oglala Lakota College is $115 per credit hour.

Students who have their tribal enrollment documentation on file with the Oglala Lakota College Registrar's Office before the end of the second week of classes does result in "per-pupil funding" and will not be affected by the higher tuition. 

Why is this documentation required? 

Simply, the College's primary source of funding is a Public Law known as the "Tribally Controlled Community College Assistance Act." This law requires all who claim to be Native American to provide proof that they are an enrolled member of a Federally recognized tribe. Any student who does not provide the Registrar's Office with this information will not have the major portion of the cost of their education reimbursed by the College. Tuition and fees only cover a small fraction of the actual cost of a student's education.

Tuition Assistance

Financial Assistance, scholarships, and grants are available for those students who qualify.

Refunds will be made according to the refund policy.

Withdrawal Refund

Students who withdraw voluntarily from Oglala Lakota College, after classes start, may be eligible for a refund of the tuition upon the approval of the Registrar and Financial Aid Officer. Refunds will be made in accordance with the following schedule:

through the 2nd week........................100% refund.

starting the 3rd week.........................0% refund.


The registration fee is $20.00 per semester.

Lab fees vary in courses.

The technology fee is $16.00 per credit hour.

These fees are non-refundable starting the 3rd week.


It is the policy of Oglala Lakota College to collect a pro-rated activity fee based on enrollment per semester.

12 + credits $50.00

9-11 credits $40.00

6-8 credits $30.00

1-5 credits $20.00


The Student Accounts at Oglala Lakota College will have the authority to make collections on all outstanding tuition, fees, and book bills. The Vice President for Business shall place a hold at the OLC Registrars Office on all grades, transcripts, and diplomas of students who have outstanding tuition, fees, book bills, or any other outstanding bills until such debts are fully paid. All current semester students having outstanding debts will be contacted by the Student Accounts Office by mid-term or before any Financial Aid is released and be asked to sign an agreement allowing collections from current year financial aid.

Students can access their bill by going to the OLC website (, Distance Learning/Tools, Exweb (Jenzabar). Enter your ID and PIN. Your PIN can be obtained from your counselor. Under my profile click my accounts. Your statements are listed here. Your counselor can assist you. The student is responsible for the student bill even if a third party or program may be paying the bill. Financial Aid will be applied to the student bill unless third-party payment has been received. If financial aid is applied and the third party makes payment at a later date, the financial aid applied will be paid to the student.

All students should file a financial aid application to determine eligibility for other scholarships. OLC staff will collect tuition, fees, or book costs or develop a payment plan for students to pay all costs before the end of the semester for which the student is enrolling.


Oglala Lakota College provides network access, including internet access to students and staff to promote educational excellence. Network access provides resource sharing, innovation and communication to the Pine Ridge Reservation. Network users are responsible for their actions in accessing available resources. The user is responsible for making sure any information received does not contain pornographic material, inappropriate information, inappropriate language, or files that are potentially dangerous to the integrity of the hardware/software within school premises. Use of any information obtained via the network is at the user's own risk. Oglala Lakota College makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the network facilities it is providing. Users must complete the User's Request Form to use college computers.