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Cost & Aid

Oglala Lakota College offers quality education at an affordable price.

At Oglala Lakota College we pride ourselves on offering quality education at an affordable price. We want to make education opportunities accessible to all members of the Lakota Nation.

Oglala Lakota College offers a variety of scholarship options to help our students excel and be able to focus their efforts on their studies, and not on the financial burden that sometimes encompasses a college experience.

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To further promote accessibility, Oglala Lakota College also offers childcare options in our tuition prices.

Please use the information below to estimate your tuition and attendance fees at Oglala Lakota College

Technology Fees - $16.00 per credit hour

Lab Fees - Vary by course

Student Charges

All incurred student charges will be run weekly by Oglala Lakota College’s Student Accounts staff.
(bi-weekly at the beginning of each new semester)

Cost of attendance 23-24

Cost of attendance 22-23

Net Price Calculator

To assist our students in gaining a better understanding of the cost of a college education at Oglala Lakota College we have provided a net price calculator that will estimate their attendance costs.