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Early Alert

The Early Alert program helps identify students who may be struggling academically and provides them with resources they need to succeed.

At Oglala Lakota College, we want all of our students to succeed in their academic journey.

Which is why we offer a variety of academic resources, including the Early Alert program.

The purpose of the Early Alert program is to identify, reach out to, and offer support to students who are at risk of failing classes due to academic difficulties or personal hardships. 

The goal is to identify and intervene with students who are exhibiting behaviors that may put them at risk for not living up to their full academic potential. Early Alert works with faculty, staff, and academic advisors to provide students additional support and resources to succeed at OLC.

The Early Alert program aids to increase retention and reduce the number of students on academic probation or at risk for suspension.

It is important to note that the Early Alert Program is not a disciplinary action, but a means to improve communication between students and faculty to ensure our students are reaching their full academic potential. Whether or not a student wishes to participate in the Early Alert program is entirely up to them. However, the program offers many beneficial resources to help you succeed academically.

Learn how to submit an Early Alert letter

Students exhibiting the following behaviors may be potential candidates for the Early Alert Program:

  • Lack of engagement in class
  • Poor exam scores
  • Consistent absences
  • Missed assignments
  • Financial Hardships

Receiving an Early Alert letter does not mean you are failing, and will not be on your academic transcript. This program is simply a means to identify areas where you may be struggling, and obtain the resources needed to help you thrive at Oglala Lakota College.