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Honor/Memorial Gifts - Otu’han

Honor your fellow loved ones in the spirit of otu’han with an honorary or memorial gift to Oglala Lakota College.

Honor your fellow loved ones in the spirit of otu’han with an honorary or memorial gift to Oglala Lakota College. 

To Honor - Otu’han

It is the tradition of the Lakota People to make gifts in honor of others on special occasions – i.e. birthdays, weddings, graduation, holidays – or simply out of respect for another person. This tradition is known as the otu’han (give away). Gifts in honor of another are two-fold, not only are you honoring someone close to you, you also honor our students with your support. 

“OLC prompted me to excel beyond my own expectations. I credit OLC for teaching me how to dream about a better life for myself and my people on the reservation.” Annie Rose Gassman - Blackbear AA in Lakota Studies, AA in Human Services, BS in Social Work. Working towards her Masters in school counseling.

A gift made in the spirit of the otu’han is very special to us and is accepted with great honor. Not only will you receive a letter acknowledging your gift once it is received, but a letter will also be sent to the honoree, providing you share the address of the honoree.

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In Memory - Wowa ih peya

We have a Lakota phrase that reflects leaving a legacy to loved ones; it is wowa ih peya (to pass something on, or a written legacy). It is the way of the Lakota people to always keep in mind the well-being of our young and those yet unborn, the Seventh Generation, when we plan for the future. 

Wokiksuye (in remembrance) is an expression of the Lakota when recognizing and honoring the memory of an individual who has passed on to the Spirit World. The otu’han (give away) is practiced with the honoring of the deceased. We are pleased that the spirit of wokiksuye and the otu’han is very much alive and practiced among friends of the Lakota. 

A gift made to Oglala Lakota College is a meaningful way to honor and remember a loved one - especially those who were impacted by the work of the College over the last several decades. These kinds of gifts will live on through the lives of many students we serve. 

We are honored when individuals consider the future of Oglala Lakota College and our service to the Lakota people when planning their legacy. All benefactors related to providing OLC with a donation In Memory of someone will receive a letter acknowledging your gift; made in memory of a loved one. Letters can also be sent to other individuals as requested. 

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Pilamaya (Thank You)

A gift made to Oglala Lakota College is an investment in the future of OLC’s graduates, their families, communities and the entire Lakota Nation.

When just one student succeeds, we all succeed.