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Iwicacaga Sakowin Scholarship Endowment Campaign

Oglala Lakota College is on our way to building a 170 million dollar scholarship endowment for future students by 2071. Learn more about Iwicacaga Sakowin.

Oglala Lakota College aims to build a $170,000,000 Student Scholarship Endowment by 2071, our 100th Anniversary, to ensure any student who wants to attend OLC can have their financial needs met without worry. This mission is best represented in the Seventh Generation Iwicacaga Sakowin Scholarship Endowment Campaign.

Our #1 Priority is to ensure every student has the financial resources to attend Oglala Lakota College.

The Problem: Over 55% of students do not have the financial support to complete their education, leaving an unmet financial need of $10 million each year.

The Solution: In 2015, we launched Iwicacaga Sakowin (7th Generation) Student Campaign to build a student scholarship endowment.

Our Long-Term Goal

Build a $170,000,000 Student Scholarship Endowment by 2071, our 100th Anniversary, to assure any student who wants to attend Oglala Lakota College will have their unmet financial need met. 

Our Immediate Objective

In 2019, we began a special phase of this campaign - Iwickemna Zaptan Mazaska Zi (Golden 50th) - to reach $30,000,000 by March 2021, the 50th Anniversary of Oglala Lakota College. 

“Oglala Lakota College transformed a struggling single parent into a law student. I wouldn’t be an attorney specializing in Indian law working on issues of national importance for Indian Country without Oglala Lakota College” - Danielle McQuillen, BA in Business Administration from OLC, Juris Doctorate from the University of South Dakota, Deputy Regional Director, Great Plains Region, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Ways to Give

Your financial support of OLC and our mission to rebuild the Lakota Nation through education is an investment in the future leaders of tribal communities and of the college’s ability to provide fundamental learning opportunities for the betterment of tribal life. Learn more about ways you can support Iwicacaga Sakowin.

How You Can Help