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Why Should You Help

Oglala Lakota College has helped students overcome and achieve for over 50 years. With education and support comes a new generation of Lakota leaders.

Help Students Overcome Financial Obstacles and Achieve

The only way that we can strategically rebuild the Lakota Nation in a modern world is through the immersion of Lakota Culture, values, and a modern day education. Long hindered by systemic wrongs-doing that have set our people back for generations, our communities have become some of the poorest in the entire United States. In fact, Oglala Lakota County on the Pine Ridge Reservation is the poorest in America and has the poorest health conditions in the state of South Dakota.

Poverty Rates Across OLC’s Network

60% - Rapid City (American Indian Population)
54% - Oglala Lakota County (Pine Ridge Reservation)
44% - Ziebach County (Cheyenne River Reservation)

Over 55% of OLC students do not have the financial means necessary to complete their education, leaving an unmet financial need of $10 million each year. Without access to critical financial resources, our future leaders may miss the opportunity to go to college and enter our tribal communities as pillars of modern-day Lakota Culture. These people deserve the opportunity to learn, grow, and go on to do great things, which is why OLC has made it our goal to raise enough money to finance the college education of Lakota youth for generations to come.

Snapshot of Student Educational & Economic Needs

67% - First-generation college students
64% - Low-income
75% - Experienced housing insecurity in the last year
38% - Experienced homelessness in the last year
52% - Incoming Freshmen require math remediation
54% - Incoming Freshmen require reading and writing remediation

The Power of Your Support: OLC Students are Succeeding

Thanks to the contributions of donors, OLC students have the means necessary to grow beyond their personal and financial situations without having to stray far thanks to OLC’s 11 College Centers positioned throughout Oglala Lakota County, Ziebach County, and Rapid City. Dedicated to helping students overcome poverty through financial aid counseling, scholarships, a textbook loan program, child care programs, transportation assistance, and a meals program, OLC students have the opportunity to soar to new heights as they immerse themselves in world-class education provided by renowned educators. Utilizing culturally-relevant curriculum, instruction, and activities, students find great purpose in their ability to personally connect to their coursework. Harnessing these resources, students graduate as stewards of service going on, by and large, to help  the Lakota Nation flourish.

Student Success By The Numbers

OLC educates 1,400 students a year

OLC graduates 130+ students every year

OLC serves college students from 18-65 with an average age of 30

Supplies our tribal communities with educated game-changers in teaching, nursing, and more

Support the Lakota Nation’s Future Today

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